Our free iOS App is the most frequently used tool by our MiniBrewers as it guides you every step of the way, from setup up to serving. We always maintain and update it based on feedback, bugs and our long-term vision to ensure a quality experience and quality beer!

Here you will find our iOS App updates from most recent to least recent. "General" updates are not specific to any particular software version. 

You can update your MiniBrew App to the latest version via the App Store.


23-11-2021 (General)

  • Water amounts are now presented in the User Actions with one decimal place instead of two

30-9-2021 (General)

  • User Actions now point you directly to the Urgent Request form when intervention from our Technical Support Team is needed to continue the session

17-9-2021 (1.26.4)

  • Fixed various bugs that caused issues with navigation and the user interface

9-9-2021 (1.26.2)

  • Fixed a link to the Minibrew shop

3-8-2021 (General)

  • You can now read more about the process during the mashing phase

27-7-2021 (General)

  • You can now read more about the process during the boiling phase
  • Fixed URL to Urgent Support in User Actions when something isn't working
  • Improved clarity in the User actions about different versions of brewing equipment

15-7-2021 (General)

  • Improved clarity about cleaning in the User Actions, including new instructions to handwash the Mash Tun
  • User Actions now show how to insert the Hop Filter into the Smart Keg more clearly
  • If you are adding more ingredients, It is now clearer in the User Actions when to relieve pressure on the Smart Keg


Older Updates


  • A new step-by-step guide on getting your system ready to brew
  • We fixed the tab bar appearance in iOS 13
  • We fixed an issue with adding beers to the cart from the profile tab
  • We improved the tappable area on buttons Next/Prev user actions
  • We improved user action image loading performance
  • Multiple small bug fixes


  • We added an introduction tour to the app
  • We added support for swipe gestures when viewing the next and previous instructions
  • Fixed various small bugs


  • Overall improvement to the stability of the app
  • Fixed an issue where the boiling temperature would change during the boil
  • Fixed an issue where the MiniBrew would need to be cleaned when it was not necessary


  • Fixed an issue where the user was being asked to mount a tap every time a Smart Keg in serving restarted
  • Fixed several small bugs


  • We now provide better information if a brew fails to start
  • Fixed several small bugs


  • You can now adjust the serving temperature while your keg is waiting for the tap to be mounted
  • Fixed several small bugs
  • Improved stability and security


  • You can view the next and previous instructions
  • You can now add a photo to your profile
  • Fixed several small bugs
  • Improved stability and security


  • We made it more convenient to connect your MiniBrew to wifi
  • Your MiniBrew now automatically detects when the pump is clogged, and notifies you when it needs maintenance
  • Fixed some small issues


  • The automated cleaning process is even more effective now
  • Reduced the flickering of the connection overlay while having bad Wifi connection
  • Improved refreshing of MiniBrew device status
  • Better estimate for time remaining in rinse heat up state
  • Fixed an issue with indicating the progress of repeating phases
  • Improved the security and stability, and fixed various small issues


  • You can start a cleaning process any time
  • Support for videos in the brewing instructions (videos coming shortly)
  • Made some of the guidance text easier to understand
  • Removed push notifications sent by an error
  • We got the loading spinner unstuck
  • Improved the performance and stability in various ways





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