With MiniBrew Pro Membership, you get exclusive access to the MiniBrew community and more control over the craft beers you create. We are continuously maintaining and improving the environment and tools available to our Pro Members based on feedback, bugs, and our long-term vision.

Here you will find our Pro Membership updates from most recent to least recent. "General" updates are not specific to any particular software version. 

If you think you are running an older Pro Membership version, clear the cache on your web browser to see if the version number in the top-left changes.


23-11-2021 (1.73.45)
  • You can now view your custom ingredients via the menu in your mobile browser
  • Fixed a bug where the MiniBrew logo would sign you out
  • Changed the label of the reported ("actual'') temp in the monitoring graph

23-11-2021 (General)

  • Water amounts are now presented in the User Actions with one decimal place instead of two

15-11-2021 (1.73.44)

  • Fixed a bug where the button to activate a coupon code was not visible

1-11-2021 (1.73.39)

  • You can now receive notifications on your operating system to tell you when your action is needed. Turn this feature on and off by clicking the bell icon
  • Improved styling and usability when signing up for Pro Membership
  • When stopping a session, you are now given a warning about Brew Pack QR codes
  • You can now go to Settings to view and manage your Pro Membership
  • Improved experience when editing your profile and changing your password in the Settings menu

30-9-2021 (General)

  • User Actions now point you directly to the Urgent Request form when intervention from our Technical Support Team is needed to continue the session
9-9-2021 (1.73.20)
  • You can now subscribe to Pro Membership directly from pro.minibrew.io
  • User Action videos should no longer automatically full-screen on iOS devices
12-8-2021 (1.73.14)
  • User Action readability has been improved by the addition of white space between paragraphs
27-7-2021 (1.73.13)
  • Updated the Primary Fermentation description for more clarity on pitch temp and pressure relief

27-7-2021 (General)

  • Fixed URL to Urgent Support in User Actions when something isn't working
  • Improved clarity in the User actions about different versions of brewing equipment

15-7-2021 (1.73.12)

  • You can now remove ingredients from the My Ingredients page

15-7-2021 (General)

  • Improved clarity about cleaning in the User Actions, including new instructions to handwash the Mash Tun
  • User Actions now show how to insert the Hop Filter into the Smart Keg more clearly
  • If you are adding ingredients during fermentation, the User Actions are now clearer about when to relieve pressure on the Smart Keg

28-6-2021 (1.73.08)

  • You can now check each device's menu in the Brewery to see what firmware version it is currently running
  • The search bar is now automatically selected when visiting the Beer and Community pages
  • Improved User Action format on mobile devices, including consistent framing so you can flick through the steps without having to adjust to a new button height


Older updates


  • We reduced how often a user is required to sign in
  • We fixed an issue where the monitoring screen became stuck in reconnecting
  • Multiple small bug fixes


  • Various under the hood improvements


  • Fixed a bug where the monitoring screen is unable to reconnect
  • The number of possible mash stages is now limited to two
  • Fixed an issue where the boiling temperature would change during the boil
  • Fixed an issue where the MiniBrew would need to be cleaned when it was not necessary


  • We fixed an issue where the user was being asked to mount a tap, every time a Smart Keg in serving restarted
  • Fixed several small bugs


  • Recipes are now validated in order to make sure they can be brewed successfully and guidance is provided on how to adjust the recipe if they do not need the MiniBrew's capabilities.
  • Fixed several small bugs


  • You can view the next and previous instructions, so that you can see what steps are coming up, and make sure you didn't miss any of the steps before
  • Fixed several small bugs


  • You can now create an account directly on the Brewery Portal
  • You can activate your CRAFT Pro subscription using an activation code
  • Fixed several small bugs


  • We made it more convenient to set up your MiniBrew and connect it to wifi
  • Your MiniBrew now automatically detects when the pump is clogged, and notifies you when it needs maintenance
  • Fixed some small issues


  • The automated cleaning process is even more effective now
  • Better estimate for time remaining in rinse heat up state
  • Improved the flow for accepting the terms & conditions and the privacy policy
  • Improved data security



  • Updated beer profile calculations πŸš€
    (For the geeks: We now have a dynamic brewhouse efficiency based on the malts in your recipe)


  • Newly created ingredients are now automatically selected in the recipe creation form
  • Temperature steps are limited to 20 steps
  • Total water amount can now be higher than 9.99 liters (improving multi mash support)
  • Add pressure relief (Waterlock, Blow-off)


  • Support for videos in the brewing instructions (videos coming shortly)
  • Fixed an issue when changing your password
  • Added confirmation when skipping gbuoy pairing
  • Improved support for using our brew packs
  • Improved transitioning and session finishing behavior in monitoring screen
  • Fixed several small issues