First of all: We’re not planning on going anywhere!  Our focus remains on create the best experience for the brewer of tomorrow. 


How it all started

In 2015, we brought the best talent in technology, hardware, brewing and marketing together to accomplish an ambitious goal: bring the brewing community and excitement of brewing your own beer to a level that anyone can do. The idea struck us after a year of buying and shipping cans of the world to enjoy quality beers and struggling to make quality beers with local sourced ingredients in a controllable, repeatable way.


Our mission

MiniBrew uses technology and design to connect the world and bring the beer brewing process into peoples lives in a more accessible, affordable, efficient way without leaving any environmental waste


Company roadmap

  • In the first 3 years, we've completed two successfully crowdfunding campaigns on Indiegogo and raised €2.3 million. We secured the interest of investors and got patents for IoT consumer appliance concept as well made the first alpha models and tested this with users
  • In the year of 2018 and 2019, we've raised an additionally €5.2 million to build a BETA model and eventually launched the GEN 1 to the market. We have been overwhelmed by the support of our users and the positive feedback that received
  • In 2020, we've reinvented the business and downscaled the team with the goal to become cashflow positive. Additionally, capital has been raised to order GEN 2 and improve the platform based on customer feedback
  • In 2021, we've secured another round of capital to build GEN 3, which will be our first entry beer brewing model. Designed to give new beer lovers the power to create and share their recipes. It has a premium look and produces the same high quality fresh beers made on GEN 1 and 2. We continue to work on improving the brewing experience by our dedicated team and feedback from users.

Next 5 years

We're here to stay. Our mission will remain unchanged. We continue to build the platform where user connect, bond, inspire and grow people’s knowledge on a global scale through our software and beautifully designed hardware within the next 5 years. We’re looking forward to continuing to serve our current users and welcoming new beer-lovers into our family. 


If we go out of business

Ultimately, if we go out of business, your machine won’t just be a heavy paper weight. 

  • You can continue brewing as we will maken the software is open-source. The only thing that’s required would to pay the AWS hosting bill by the community. With the pace of users in the community this can be less than €5 a month
  • MiniBrew wouldn’t be able to develop replacement parts, but we work mostly with standard common parts you buy at any brewing store
  • Minibrew can not offer services such as customer support, technical support, repairs, replacement, warranties, advice on how to brew, etc, but we are confident that the growing unofficial MiniBrew communities on social media will prove to be sufficient help with brewing issues and recipe ideas. We are delighted to see the degree to which brewers already help each other out through these unofficial channels.
  • MiniBrew won't be able sell Brew Packs, but we've made the recipes already available recipes through the Pro Membership. The only thing you requires is own ingredients. 





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