If you notice a crack on your Mash Tun, please stop using the MiniBrew immediately and contact our Support Team. Please include a photo of the damaged piece within your support inquiry. 



To help us understand your issue, we recommend you have the following on hand:

1. Order ID or email address associated with your account

2. A photo or video of the issue for reference

  • Video length: ~15 secs
  • Video Size: 20MB or less (anything larger will be rejected as an email attachment)
  • The video should be focused on the area where the issue is being reported

Providing this information helps our Support Team efficiently diagnose and check if you're applicable for a limited warranty replacement of the latest version and resolve your issue — getting you back up and running as quickly as possible. 



In many ways, the new mash tun has an improvement on multiple fronts. The thickness of the outside wall is improved. The clips you use to secure the lid on the mash tun have a separate area. We are confident that these improvements will lead to fewer cracks. 



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