At the moment, the MiniBrew App is only available for iOS.
However, the team is working on an Android App. The expected release date is at the end of Q4 of 2021.

We completely understand that it has been a long wait. However, we want to make sure that the App can run smoothly and our customers can use it to its maximal potential. To stay up to date with the progress check out our blog.


Brewing from your laptop or desktop

We often hear that not having an Android App is a shortcoming in buying the MiniBrew and we hear your feedback!
A temporary solution is to simply brew from your laptop or desktop through the Brewery Portal. This Pro Membership is included in any order containing the Craft Pro or the Craft Pro+ but is also purchasable separately. The portal gives you access to a library of recipes and the freedom to create your own brew on your laptop or desktop. Of course brewing our Brew Packs is also possible through the Brewery Portal. 




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