Each CRAFT machine has a quick start guide that shows you the first steps of the setup. In the app you will find a series of screens called MiniBrew Welcome.

This is a series of steps that outline how to setup your CRAFT for a great start of your first brewing experience. 



When unpacking the base station, you'll need to set it up on a level surface, and connect it to power. When you start with brewing, place the remaining parts next to the machine. 

It’s important to place the machine on a flat surface and that it's positioned correctly to comfortably reach the top of the base station. 



iOS app

  1. Download the MiniBrew iOS app
  2. Open an account in the app
  3. Connect your Machine to your profile
  4. After starting a brew, the app will guide you


The pro-subscription gives you access to the Brewery Portal, a web-based application that can be used with any browser on any computer, either in combination with our MiniBrew iOS app or without the app at all.

If you've received the machine as a gift or if someone else in your home purchased the machine, you’ll need to use your Pro-Membership activation key 

Your membership activation key is multiple digits and letter code and you can find it in “your” email.



Once you have activated the app or the pro-membership, you will be guided through everything with photos and videos. This includes every step of the way, like rinsing the base station and keg before brewing, preparing the ingredients and putting all the parts together, cleaning the machine after brewing, things you need to do during fermentation, and last but not least: tapping and enjoying your beer.


You will also be able to monitor your brew to see how things are going, and how much time is remaining until the next action is needed from you. The app or brewery portal will notify you when you need to do something. Don't worry if you're not available right away. The MiniBrew will put things on hold for you, and you can take the next action whenever you are available again.


Of course, if you ever need help we are here for you!  please check the Help Center section or search find answers. 




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