In this article we will show you how you can (dis)assemble the tap.

To disassemble:

  1. Remove the Ball Lock Connector 
  2. Unscrew the central ring that joins the tap to the screw connection
  3. Optional: unscrew the tap handle
  4. All parts can be soaked and rinsed or placed in a dishwasher
    • Tap Handle
    • Central ring and screw connection
    • Tap: open the tap to allow water to flow through
    • Ball Lock Connector


When you have disassembled the tap correctly, you will have the following parts:
1 - Ball Lock Connector

2 - Screw connection

3 - Central ring

4 - Tap 

5 - Tap Handle


To assemble the tap, please follow the next instructions. You can view the image to see if the tap is aligned properly.

  1.  Screw the screw connection on the Ball Lock Connector
  2.  If you unscrewed the Tap Handle, screw the Tap Handle onto the Tap
  3.  Place align the Ball Lock Connector + screw connection correctly with the tap, with the central ring in between.
  4. Screw the central ring, in such a way the tap stays aligned properly (see image below).
  5. Screw the ring tight enough, so that the Ball Lock Connector + screw connection and tap are tightly attached. 

This is how the end result should be:




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