When setting up your machine make sure it's in close proximity (less than 2 meters) to a water connection and sink



The MiniBrew system needs to be connected to a water supply in order to function. Specifically, a water supply is needed for heating and cooling during the brew and for cleaning. Water pressure is also needed for circulation. 


A water supply is not needed for the fermentation, carbonation, or serving.



The MiniBrew needs a water connection with a ¾”" BSP (threaded) connector ór a water connection with an 8mm OD push-in fitting. 

Often the right fitting can be found on a tap that is used for your dishwasher or washing machine, also the faucet in your kitchen can have the ¾” BSP (threaded) connection. 

The MiniBrew also needs an outlet for the water. You can put the outlet in the sink, or the outlet that your dishwasher uses as well. We do not recommend a bucket, as it might overflow!



As we do not know what connection you have at home it is difficult for us to give a specific recommendation. In general, we would advise you to find an adapter that on one side fits the MiniBrew water inlet (¾ BSP threaded water connection) and on the other side fits the tap you are planning on using. See the image below for an example. A good place to find one is the DIY store close to you. 




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