The MiniBrew Base Station and Smart Keg are regularly cleaned after every brew and fermentation session by either the CIP or manual cleaning.

While these cleaning actions remove the majority of the impurities both internally and externally, there is some extra attention required for some components.

These components are divided into two different categories; the Base Station and the Smart Keg components which can be found below. Clicking on one of the topics will directly lead you to the particular instruction.



How frequently do i need to do this?

Base Station

1. Mash Tun Receiver Boil Valve
2. CIP Front Connectors
3. Water Inlet Filter

Smart Keg

4. Beer Tap
5. Ball Lock Connectors
6. Keg Fan



It is strongly recommended to perform the periodic maintenance programme after every 5-10 brews (5 when using high sugar content beers, 10 when using low sugar content beers) or every 3 months.


 1. Mash Tun Receiver Boil Valve

The Mash Tun Receiver Boil Valve is removed after every brew and pushed through a dishwashing cycle. However the valve and spring won't always be fully reached by the hot soapy water, thus it needs to be disassembled periodically to prevent a build up of dirt.

What equipment do I need for this maintenance?

- Pliers
- Screwdriver (cross)
- Towel
- Bowl

  • Remove the left valve from the Base Station and put it on a clean towel.

  • Open the valve by unscrewing the 3 small screws on the bottom of the valve. 
    ATTENTION: make sure to hold down the cover or else the spring may catapult the cover away.

  • Clean the components with a wet towel.
  • Insert the components into a bowl and pour boiled water over them.


  • Let the components sit in the bowl for approximately 15 minutes and empty the bowl after.
  • Dry the components and assemble them back together.


 2. CIP Front Connectors

The CIP front connectors can lose some of their smoothness overtime and become a bit rough. It is advised to apply a foodgrade grease onto them to keep a smooth connection process possible.

What equipment do I need for this maintenance?

Foodgrade grease (supplied in the Starter Pack )
- (optional) Towel

  • Apply a little bit of the grease on the towel or your finger.
  • Lubricrate both of the connectors (female part, inside; male part, outside)



3. Water Inlet Filter

The Water Inlet Filter has to be removed and rinsed out to remove any blockages that can prevent the water from getting through.

What equipment do I need for this maintenance?

- Pliers

  • Disconnect the Water Inlet Hose if it hasn't been disconnected already.
  • Take the pliers and carefully take out the filter at the back of the Base Station Water Inlet


  • Rinse out the filter.
  • ATTENTION: When placing it back make sure you place it in the correct orientation.


4. Beer Tap

The Beer Tap is an essential component to keep clean. A dirty tap can spoil a brew easily. To prevent that any beer, hop and/or yeast buildup will remain in the tap it has to be disassembled.

What equipment do I need for this maintenance?

Dishwasher tablet

  • Unscrew the Beer Tap bottom Connection.
  • Unscrew the Tap Handle.
  • Unscrew the Tap Handle Mechanism.
  • Remove the inner pin by pushing on the top of the tap.

  • After disassembly, put all components in the dishwasher and make sure they can't drop down and get lost in the drain.
  • Once cleaned assemble the components together in the opposite way in which they were removed.


5. Ball Lock Connector

The Ball Lock Connectors are often cleaned by the rinse process that removes the filth. However, it is wise to disassemble them from time to time, to make sure no buildup of filth has taken place overtime, which can easily spoil the beer.

What equipment do I need for this maintenance?

- Screwdriver (flat)
- Bowl
- Brush

  • Take the ball lock connector in front of you and unscrew the black top piece and carefully place it aside,
  • Remove the seal and carefully place it aside.
  • Remove the pin and spring and carefully place them aside.

  • Let the black piece, pin and spring sit in a bowl of boiled water.
  • When the water has cooled down scrub these components if there is any remaining filth.
  • Reassemble the ball lock connector by following the instructions. Make sure to not forget to place the seal and make sure it is aligned.

  • Place the black cover and make sure it can be screwed in without excessive force.
  • Check if the assembly went well by pushing the pin inside the connector. If it moves, the assembly went correctly. If it didn't repeat the assembly process.


6. Keg Fan

The Keg Fan will attract alot of dust overtime, due to the constant flow of air that is passing through. When the dust build-up is too excessive, the cooling capacity of the keg will decrease. Therefore the Keg Fan needs to be cleaned to prevent cooling efficiency decrease.

What equipment do I need for this maintenance?

- Vacuum cleaner
- Brush or soft sponge
- Towel

  • Clean the keg fans of most of their dust with the vacuum cleaner. Gently rub (with the brush side) over the filter untill most of the dust is gone.

  • Since not all dust nor other filth is removed during the vacuum clean process, we have to clean the fans more thoroughly.
  • Take a brush or sponge and apply a small amount of water and (dishwasher) soap to it. 
  • Scrub over the Fan Filters and get rid of all the dust. Repeat this process a few times, untill the brush or sponge appears to be clean.

  • Dry the filters and the keg is good to go.