In some cases, it is possible that you can run into the problem of not being able to open the lid of your Smart Keg.



  • One of the reasons for this is that sugars may have crystallized between the thread of the keg lid and the keg itself.

Do not be alarmed - even here at MiniBrew, we are sometimes not strong enough to open our kegs. For this reason, we have had to be slightly creative when opening our kegs at times.


We strongly advise you to not use any metal tools or any other utensils that are not mentioned in this article, as they could damage the keg lid badly

Instead, we would like to give you our best home practices in this article that will help you to open your keg easily!

Best option: wooden spoon

This versatile kitchen utensil made of wood is a good option to use as a lever to open the keg. As it is made of wood, it will not damage your keg.


  1. Please put the handle end of the spoon carefully between the keg lid posts.
  2. Push the other end of the spoon, which is not between the keg posts, away from your body. By moving it counter-clockwise and applying more pressure, the keg lid should start moving. 
  3. Continue applying more pressure until the keg lid moves and is opened enough that you can twist off the lid with your hands again.


We have some innovative MiniBrewers in our community that cannot be stopped by some crystallized sugars! Look at this amazing designs:








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