After you have successfully finished a CIP (Clean-in-Place) session, you may notice that the CIP container and the hoses attached to it are full of water. This is nothing to worry about.

It is normal and you can safely remove the CIP container without all of the water contained within escaping. Just make sure you remove the entire system as a whole, the CIP container and the attached hoses.


Make sure you hold the tubes up straight and take them to a place where it is safe to let out the water, like a sink or bucket. You may then tip the CIP over, to drain the water out of the hoses, or push on the valve at the bottom of the CIP to drain the water that way.


Some water may still escape and be left at the bottom of the base station no matter how careful you are. It's best not to tip that water away, instead, you should mop it up with a cloth or let it evaporate over time.



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