If the bottom valve on your keg is stuck completely (meaning it doesn't move at all), apply some food grade grease to the bottom of the ball lock. Then open and close the switch a couple of times to make it easier to turn. Now you should be able to open and close it all the way.

If you can close the valve most of the way but not completely, while your beer is in fermentation or serving, the most likely problem is that the tap line has detached from the keg lid and it is blocking the valve from closing.

Here's what you can do:

  1. Release the pressure from the keg.
  2. Sterilize some equipment that can grab the line out of the keg with boiled water (for example a pair of tweezers).
  3. Disinfect the keg lid with starsan solution before unscrewing it.
  4. Remove the tap line from the keg and attach it back to the keg lid.
  5. Screw the keg lid back in place.
  6. Pressurize the keg again if it had pressure before.

If the tap line is not what is causing the problem contact us here.



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