Yes you can! You can follow the instructions below, to safely clean your tap after use. 

  1. Remove the Ball Lock Connector 
  2. Unscrew the central ring that joins the tap to the screw connection
  3. Optional: unscrew the tap handle
  4. All parts can be soaked and rinsed or placed in a dishwasher
    • Tap Handle
    • Central ring and screw connection
    • Tap: open the tap to allow water to flow through
    • Ball Lock Connector

Try to memorize how to put it back together, and make sure you don't lose any parts.

You can always come back to this article to check out what the tap looks like assembled and disassembled. Please have a look at the images below.


1 - Ball Lock Connector

2 - Screw connection

3 - Central ring

4 - Tap 

5 - Tap Handle




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