When your Base Station is leaking or dripping water, always check the following two things: 

  • Make sure the Water Inlet Hose is connected properly and screwed on tightly
  • Make sure the Water Inlet Hose has its rubber o-ring inside

Even when dripping from the bottom of the Base Station, the issue can be related to the Water Inlet Hose not being screwed on properly or due to the seal which is the rubber o-ring.

On the left is what the seal looks like on its own and on the right is how it should look inside the Water Inlet Hose Connector. 

The water inlet is being used for cooling so don't worry about your beer when you see the Base Station dripping a little bit. Once the machine is done with its current state, detach the water tap and check if the is a black rubber seal is in the connector. If it isn't, place a 3/4 rubber seal in it. You can find these seal at every DIY store. 



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