There is most likely nothing wrong with your Smart Keg.



If your keg is still full, we can guarantee that it will cool your beer down to 17℃ below the ambient temperature that is measured by our temperature sensor on the keg. It might take a while.

In a very warm climate, the keg may not be able to reach the target temperature. For example, in a 28℃ environment, the keg may not be able to cool below 11℃.


If your keg is not full anymore, it can still work at a 100% cooling efficiency:

  • as long as there are 4 liters of beer or more left in it
  • When the beer level is between 4 and 1,5 liters, the keg has to work harder to cool the beer
  • When the beer level is under 1.5 liters or less in the keg the efficiency is dramatically reduced, and it will be hard for the keg to cool the beer or accurately report its temperature.

The reason for that is the cooling element and the temperature sensor being located at the center height of the keg, so if the beer level is lower, the keg is trying to cool down the air inside, which acts as an insulator. This means once you've tapped 3.5-4 liters of beer, you can still leave the remaining 1.5 liters in there to keep it cool, but the temperature can’t be guaranteed and the reported temperature in the app won’t be accurate anymore. We recommend tapping and drinking the remaining beer at that point.



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